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1. You describe yourselves as ‘London based, politically charged Electro Goth Punk three-piece’ - what is it about politics that inspires or ire’s you?

Why America and Donald Trump? Why not England and Boris Johnston?

Or for that matter, Australia, and Scott Morrison?

We have had many a go about Johnson; on Twitter, I’ve done a whole series of “BlowJo and Cumshot” discussions parodying him and his chief “advisor” Cummings. We have kind of focussed on Trump on a few tracks, because he’s been more blatant and while it was running up to the US election, if we could change the mind of one voter, it’s been a good thing to do.

2. If all the images of yourselves were removed from your Face Book profile and I had to guess the art stream you were, I would easily guess you as a bunch of stand-up comedians. I find the images you posted shows your sense of humour refreshing, in contrast to your political voice. In fact, I could not stop going through though posted images and laughing so hard! Does humour help you in your work at all? From performances to songwriting?

The music we made is deadly serious; we get very angry about racism, fascism, homo/transphobia, nationalism etc, but we are fun loving family guys. We always have loads of “in jokes” running and really do have a lot of laughs, I once wrote a stand-up set, but it was really offensive, and I wasn’t sure that people would realise that I was doing a parody of those old school offensive comedians, plus about half the material, I’m not sure I would like to stand in front of a crowd of people who would find it funny J

3. Your song lyrics all tell such powerful and haunting stories of the underdog. The songs are quite touching… Do you feel they are justified and have made a difference in a world where political correctness demand all be equal, yet the division is growing wider?

I don’t consider myself to be “politically correct”, I just instinctively know what’s right from wrong, in fact I regularly feel that the overly politically correct actually damage their causes because so many of them become fascistic in their attitude. You need to educate people, not dictate.

4.David B has a voice that stands out and reminds me of the late David Bowie. Would you agree? Or am I going deaf..LOL

It’s very kind of you to say that, and I hope that David would like our version of Scary Monsters (and super creeps) but in reality, David had a far better voice than I. I just keep within my range and spend a lot of the time singing things over and over until I get them in tune.

5. What’s your views on today’s ‘Political Correctness’? Do you think it has gone too far? Has it in any way, stifled you from your music or performances? Especially when you take the stance against politicians?

I don’t like today’s “cancel culture”, it seems to be directly linked to the overly politically correct, too many people think everything is black or white, when the reality is most things are contained in grey areas, just because somebody has a different opinion, if they can justify that opinion, even if you don’t agree with it, it’s fair enough. Being a DIY act, the best thing about is, we can say just what we are thinking. We have a platform and take advantage of it, we’ve got over 800,000 Twitter followers and if I’m honest more of them follow us for what we say than our music, Politicians with dodgy policies need to be called out and we do it. I am sure if we weren’t political, we’d probably be more successful, but where is the fun in just making music to be famous?

6. You obviously write about current affairs. What stands out the most to you; what makes you angry or frustrated?

Injustice, inequality, politicians using populist rhetoric to create targets out of minority groups, Trump, Johnson, Brexit all did this, and frankly it disgusts me.

7. When writing songs, what usually comes first? A current news item, an idea, something that has been grinding away in your mind…do you write lyrics fast or go through many iterations along with melodies and chords or percussion. What order do the ideas come in?

It always starts with me programming drum patterns, then Paul or JJ would put down some guitars or maybe bass, We usually come with a rough sketch of the music and then I will write one verse and a chorus, and we’ll just drop them into the other parts; sometimes I write the rest of the lyrics then, but generally I write them at the end. We spend ages working on our tracks, Paul is a bit of a perfectionist so we can spend hours just working on a tiny part ,to get it right.

8. I can hear the changes in your music as you develop and mature. Would you continue in your current genre of Electro Goth Punk or do you see changes slowly moving in? Would you ever claim to create some new sub-genre and make it yours for the world to copy?

The sound has changed on each album. On #Resist it changed quite a lot, that is down to several things.The bulk of #Resist is just Paul and I. J had a family crisis and went on hiatus, so Paul played guitar as well as bass on most of the album plus Paul has a mate who is a double Grammy winner, having worked with loads of cool people like Adrian Sherwood, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, he came to our studio (my lounge) and gave me a crash course in mixing. He is now mixing each track from the album as a single; we are on number 5 right now, 6 to go. As for genres, people like to pigeonhole bands, but we struggled with what genre we are, so we just invented on ‘Electro Goth Punk’. I actually think ElectroPunk sums us up better, but the first two albums were more goth. I’d like to make a classical instrumental album next, before we do the next proper CAA album, but due to Covid 19, I can see us going straight into the next full on CAA album. I’m not sure what it will sound like, but I’ve been programming some breakbeats.

9. Your overall appearance, music and lyrics makes me think you are a modern-day reincarnation of The Sex Pistols with a more refined, experienced and mature outlook of the world today. What do you think?

I think we are a mashup of Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, New Order, Pendulum, Pistols, Joy Division, Prodigy, The Clash, Sisters Of Mercy, Korn, Chemical Brothers and Ministry.

10. I find the music videos a great extension of your music. If you were gifted US$10 million to replace just one of your published music videos, which one would you pick? What criteria would you use to determine the final choice?

I’ve made several of our videos, and we’ve got random people on Fiverr to make them for us, I don’t think I would like to replace any of them. We make every video for less than $100! I’d maybe keep a million to secure our future releases, and then drive round feeding the homeless with the rest of the money.

11. So, Donald Trump has cordially invited you to dinner at the Whitehouse. Would you accept and would you perform a couple of songs? What would you select to sing?

No I wouldn’t accept, I am stoked by the news that he lost today, he is a really vile individual who should never have got anywhere near being the most powerful man on the planet.

12. I like to ask interviewees what their fave food is. There are three of you, so what’s the common choice here… Anyone a vegetarian? Anyone? Again, many thanks for your time and I look forward to writing the article on receipt of responses.

David is a Northerner so it’s meat and potato pie, chips mushy peas and gravy

J is the KFC king

And Paul will do anything for a 30 day matured steak J

Thanks David and CAA! I really appreciate the time you guys have taken out of your busy schedule for this interview!


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