You Don't have to be Ditsy to Love Ditsea - Yella that is!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020


So, WHO is this band with a strange but colourful name, who seem to be preoccupied with eating and sleeping? (Goodness, when do they find the time to create Awesome Music?)

Here is their own Biographic description of themselves:

(via Face book account) -

Traditionally, Ditseayella were made of bone, often backed with bamboo. Ditseayella are still available but most modern sets are constructed from various plastics such as bakelite, celluloid, and more recently nylon. Regardless of their material, the symbols are almost always engraved to their songs. Some expert players can determine their face value without actually looking at them by feeling them with their fingers.

- we were No1 in June for The SynthWave Chart for Retro Reverb Records (pinned to the top of our twitter) & enjoyed recent plays on Radio Coolio & their various other shows, with great support form DJCJ Stephenson there. We've also have been played on The Fused Wireless Program/Artefaktor Radio; Synth City Radio with Rob Harvey; ChrisW1965 INTheMoog; A1m Records on Indie Rock! UK; Bridget Kyle Gray 'My Favourite Sings' on Artefaktor Radio & on various playlists including The Retweeters & Richard Mabe's; we are also the featured artist on Revival Synth Chart for the last 2 weeks & have had 5 charts positions on Radio Indie Alliance with 'Transhumanism' charting so far at No1 No3 No5, No6 & No10 "Transhumanism" is currently No1 in the A1m Records chart for this week 27th July & entered No8 in Banks Radio Australia, VALLEY FM 89.5 Sweet Sunday Sounds for the week 22nd July

We were part of Radio Wigwam 'Eclectica' show on Sunday 26th August

We are currently on rotation on Radio Wigwam, Radio Coolio & Good Music Radio

We join Russ Evans on his electro show "feel the beat" Saturday 8th August

Ditsea Yella will be a featured artist on Radio TFSC in the next couple of weeks

Enjoy our video segments to these tracks recorded during lockdown (Spotify & all major platforms) (press) (press)


You may think this duo looks and reads like something from Outer Space.. well you may be right. But their MUSIC!! Something quite unique about them.. their Very British accent could be the key.. or maybe it’s the

Off the Wall music… the trippy beats the synths.. the way the guitars are melded into the synths…

Original out of this world music puts this duo into a realm of their own. Even The Further * )write about DITSEA YELLA as coming from another planet!

Luckily for you, the reader, New Acid Planet was able to sneek into their living room while they were recording their clip of “Transhumanism” for Face Book! So while they were setting up I asked them some questions… and refused to leave until the questions were answered and I watched their performance!

1) What is or was Ditsea Yella and how come you use it?

Ditsea is a twist on the word ditsy/ditzy=silly/small & Yella is being loud i.e. yell then (a) added = Ditsea Yella = 2 people BIG Sound!

2) Your style is based on a collection of punk trash rock pop electronic iin ONE word: what Genre would you prefer to be called?

MUSIC :) :)

3) I listen to music I review or enjoy with both lofi speakers and hi fi headphones to ensure I hear a wider range of music and sounds . I love the blending of instruments, the synths with its sweeps and stabs - the guitar... Where did you develop your original music from?

Life, pain, going to see new bands & with most creatives, all of that sends messages to one's brain & we transmit from there.

4) Have you had any formal training in music?

Yes, we are both classically trained & we also trained in sound engineering/production

5) Who are your biggest music and non music influences

Nature is the constant rhythm of life & life makes music!

6) You seem to be preoccupied with eating and sleeping!.. HOW do you find time for music?!!!

We make music, in between donut eating/coffee drinking & sleeping :) :)

7) What is your fave food?

as per Q6 haha (you guessed it) the BIGGER the donut the better, Angela.. :) :)

8) Who do you consider the most influential in the Punk scene? Why?

1st. Iggy Pop...he just gets better & better! 2nd. Nick Cave wow! Nick Cave! He moved over to England from Australia! He is one of my fave artists too!

9) If you could play at ANY Live Venue in the world - Where and WHY? It could also be a Festival...

In one of our parents that would be pure Love, if both sets of parents were able to be in the same garden & we could play, that would be heaven!

10) What is the transfication of technology? Are you afraid of the Technological future?

Technology should enhance & assist life, not BECOME LIFE!

11) WHY Music?????

Music found us!

Angela = fancy a coffee & a donut, now?

Thank you!

Thank YOU! Angela

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