Daniel De Sol - DJ/Producer / Podcast / Record Label - Germany

Updated: Apr 15, 2020

Daniel is an upcoming Producer from Germany. Due to his busy schedule, Daniel has asked me to tell you a little about him and to play some of his tracks here. Born during the prelude of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), Daniel discovered this genre when he was a teen. He particularly enjoyed playing vinyl records and by 2001, Daniel and some friends rented space in an old cement works in Neubrandenburg, Germany, to start their own music studio. They also hosted their own electronic dance parties. Around 5 years ago after a hiatus from music, for work commitments, Daniel returned to the love of his life; Electronic Music. He wanted to help himself recover from an illness, and, like your host, Music has played a pivoting role in recovery. As Daniel puts it, “ The meaning of life keeps us healthy, when we LIVE what we LOVE” Since then, Daniel has dedicated his life to his Love of music, through his Podcast show 'Kombinat Sternradio', his own record label, DeHelix Records and now his latest project DeSol Records. From the instant I heard his music, I realised that Daniel De Sol has a style of his own and delivers exceptionally great music and has a bright future, worthy of showcasing to the rest of the world.


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