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Emma Goldberg is a composer, singer, songwriter, performer, writer, video editor and radio show presenter from Paris. Emma grew up in Brive, then moved to Limeges and later fell in love with the most Romantic City in the World- Paris! She did not waste time in making the most of all the opportunities that Paris offered her!

Between 2008 and 2011, Emma toured throughout France and Belgium. She has many videos on You Tube that capture some of those Special times.

These tours highlight Emma’s Career in both her writing and performance.

The song “The Return” interested the Israeli music industry and they invited Emma to perform in the BIRKAT COHAN IM in 2013/4. This is the Priestly Blessing or Raising the Hands ceremony. Indeed, a huge honor for Emma Goldberg.


Emma went on to collaborate With Fatima CIA on the song “Espoirs Conchita” and were interviewed for a Chinese channel GB times by journalist Lela Smahen.


In 2015, renown DJ Michel Valence recorded his take on a well-known song featuring Emma Goldberg called “Diva Hava Nagila”.

Watch here:

However, of all the collaborations she has worked with over the years, the biggest project has to be “Madiba” a duet she co-sang with Mao Otayeck, a musician-composer who has appeared on several Stevie Wonder albums. The song is a tribute to Nelson Mandela.

With the authorization from the Nelson Mandela Foundation the song was recorded and performed on stage and you can see it here:

Emma had the opportunity to write for top Tunisian singer Fedi Fathi. She co-wrote the lyrics with Tunisian writer Zied Boufath and she composed the music herself. The song is titled “La Fille du Soleil”

Watch it here :

Emma continues to write for herself as well as working on collaborations. She has recently completed the songs

“You're the Only One”

Watch here:

“And I miss You”

Watch here:

Emma Goldberg has also recorded a cover song by Roy Colburn, “Why Don't You Love Me?”

It is available only in the US and the UK markets but you can watch it here:

A wonderful project Emma was involved with for the U.S; was writing the song “Hollywood Dreams” which she co-wrote with Ralph Bielski and you can watch here:

In 2018, radio Show “France Bleu” with Eric Bastien, a National Show, had a number of interviews ith Emma about her music career.

Emma was also interviewed on radio show “Sud Radio with Liane Foly”

which you can listen here:

The following year, Emma worked with Chris Spierer (who had previously worked with DJ Bob Sinclair and The Pet Shop Boys) on a song for the US and European markets, “In My Eyes” which they both wrote, arranged and produced together. ( Yume Origins)

Another song, “The Fire of Love” which has been the result of this joint collaboration; both songs are set for release in the US France Italy and Spain.

Emma created a promotional video for Chris Spiera, for his successful song “We Were Born This Way- We Feel The Fire” (We Were Born Gay on a Very Special Day mix).

The song was written and produced by Chris Spiera and Emil Temeltas for the Space Angel Music Company / Produmusic Corp; and has been played widely in France. Emma produced a video for the celebration on Gay Pride for the song, with a collective of artists comprising Valentino, Journey Blue Heaven, Jesse Hamilton Jr., Michael Pashalian, Chris Spiera. ©2018, Space Angela Music Company / Produmusic Corp.

Emma Goldberg has also written music for promotional TV brands campaigns such as BEROCK and you can watch a copy here:

Between September 2018-2019 and 2020 Emma has been working with film creators, creative directors and designers for Yume Origins, a multimedia branding company. Emma has composed music for several projects.

In May, 2019 Emma worked on some collaboration projects with jazzman David Carranza, creating Electronic Jazz Fusion tracks. The first released was “I Love You the Way You Are”.

This was written between other works for Emma, that spanned France Europe and U.S.A., adding to her already vast repertoire. In July 2019, Emma Goldberg hosted her own radio show – “Et Si Nous Parlions Cinema by Emma Goldberg” broadcast on Radio Plus Paris on 104.3 FM. This was soon followed in October 2019, with her show “Just Like Emma” on 242 radio UK.

In January 2020, Emma released the second collaboration song with David Carranza called

“Will I Be With You?”

Watch here:

and in March, saw Emma nominated at the lDM Music Awards 2020, in the U.S.A, with the song “The Fire of Love” co-written with Chris Spierer.

In May 2020, Emma recorded a cover of the song “My American” for the American radio. It's a song about a French country singer who falls in love with an American guy. The song was written by David Ward ( lyrics) and Curly Ann ( music).

German Promo!

This was shortly followed by the release of another collaboration song with David Carranza called “Do you Want to Love Me Tonight?”

For all videos from Emma Goldberg on You Tube, click here:

LISTEN to tracks on SoundCloud:

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