Help Support DJs & Families! Fundraiser coming SOON!

DeeJay needs it too! This is the new campaign launched by Discoterj!

Artist lives in general have been very successful, forget that DJs are also in the same situation, will we try to reverse this?

Our Live Show, even with all the turbulence we went through, registered a great viewing peak. Therefore, we are working with great care on another LIVE SHOW, we just ask you to wait because we know that our commitment is to you that is always arriving together with us. We will soon release Live's date and time.

Remembering that we have several items that will be part of the draw of our Lives.

Whoever needs it, please call WhatsApp -21 98879 5508, your identity will be kept confidential.

The baskets are already available by the official collaborator, CASA VIVA. We welcome the ENTERTAINMENT FRONT. The eternal Acknowledgments To AGADJS, from Rio Grande do Sul, PENDRIVE DO BEM group.

God bless us!

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