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Hip Hop & RAP Artist on SoundCloud - JMT Prod

Jean Marc Tola better known as JMT Prod, has a long and interesting history of his love of music, in particular, Hip Hop / Rap. JMT Prod hails from France, a country that has a rich history of culture and music, with a specialty in combining with influences from around the world.

NAP: Bonjour! JMT Prod! Thank you for your time. While I read about your background, I listen to your tracks posted on SoundCloud. The Radio show Jmt-Prod Behind - The - Music - Episode - 442 - Jmt - Prod - Mawkley on AVA LIVE RADIO - AL HALABAN IN FUL So interesting, as it does explain the background of your collaboration partner - Mawkley from Morocco. With your passion and talent for making music and working with others, you have helped bring this other talented artist to the ears and attention of the world. How did you two connect? Do you have other artists you like to work with? JMT: - We got to know each other on the web, thanks to one of our shared passions for the French rap group "IAM" and during the discussions, we sympathized and he told me to have acapellas in the title that he made me listen to and it gave me the idea of the title "Al Halaban" without even understanding the words that I had translated later to understand in more detail his text and meanings.. There are plenty of artists that interest me, but the most important thing for me, is the feeling. I am talking to a few American artists currently for collaborations. One is well advanced you would be well informed when we have made this collaboration a reality. Artists contact me quite often, but what bothers me, is having to pay to be able to work and that I refuse because for me it's winning winner so we both take risks and I would say more me because I take care of all the promotional side and I share the profits at 50/50. NAP: Your biography tells us that you commenced your music career with an Amiga computer, one of the earliest ways to make and record digital audio! Can you tell me more about this please? JMT:- Indeed, I started composing on Amiga 500 with a sampling interface with which I sampled everything I could! I had tons of floppy disks filled with samples of any style of music. At the time I was also writing texts that I tested in the system polls of my city of Marseille. Then when I decided to devote myself specifically to composition, I started using a four-track strip. A new Amiga 1200 and then a drum machine tr808. It was also at this time that I formed my first serious band with which we made an EP and later an Album. And that's when other artists started to want to work with me! NAP: Why Hip Hop & Rap? What is it about this genre that attracts you to it? JMT:- - I have listened and still listen to many styles of music that are released, since I was a child. My parents listened to very different styles of music, that went from Operetta to French variety and 60s and 70s. But at school, in the courtyard of the cities where I lived my childhood, I discovered other music (funky, disco, hard rock, reggae,...) But also the traditional music of my friends (Italians, North Africans, Gypsies, Africans,...). In the early 80s, there was a big break dance movement in France, with dedicated TV shows, inwhich was break dance music and I started listening to this style. Then a film was a big trigger of this affection to hip-hop with the movie "Break Street 84" ( also named as “Breakin’” in some countries) and there I knew that was the Genre where my passion was.

NAP: Who were the greatest influencers for you in Hip Hop, from an early age and who do you follow now? JMT:- - I first listened to commercial titles like Herbie Hancock, Break Machine, Grand Master Flash, Run DMC, then more pointed things like Africa Bambata, Curtis Blow, Rock Steady Crew NAP: . What others musicians and genres ( outside of Hip Hop) that now influence you in your music? JMT:- - It is true say when you listen to my music, many other styles are always present in my compositions (Oriental, Asian, Hispanic, Classical, Jazz, Reggae, Afro, House,...) Also, it is true that by naturally listing my inspirations I realize that I do not mechanically quote the rock style. But I'm open to any kind of music as long as it ‘talks’ to me. NAP:. What are your views on Hip Hop for the future? Do you feel it will fuse well with other genres like Reggae? JMT:- - Hip-Hop has long merged with reggae through ragga notably with Shaba Rack as metal and rock with bands like Run DMC, Body Count, NAP:. Do you use any analogue instruments? JMT:- - No I play hundreds of instruments sampled or virtual. Like a lot of people, I have already with more or less success tried instruments. But it's true that the only real instrument I still play to compose is the piano through my synthesizer. NAP:. What is the most unusual item/s you have used for your music? JMT:- - As I told you before, the piano is my instrument of choice. But if I go back in time to college, it was the flute that really gave me the desire to compose or interpret. What I was constantly doing, was to try to reproduce the hits of the time to the flute, to give them to my music teacher and that we learn the music through these and not the great classics of the solfège. NAP:. Have you created any music for Soundtracking to movies or series? JMT:- - Not right now, but I'm quite okay to work on soundtracks. My work is often referred to as cinematic, in relation to construction and mixing. This was particularly the case for my song "Slavery" in which I worked with speeches to dress the instrumental. But in the past, I've worked on soundtracks for video games that are unfortunately not released for the general public. I also sometimes have some faith working on live soundtracks not necessarily hip-hop, in collaboration with instrumentalists. Especially in the last few months, where I joined the team of a multicultural venue NAP: Have you considered any other genres recently? If you had to change to another genre what would it be and why? JMT:- - Currently I only work on sounds around hip-hop in all its musical components. But I know that life is made of perpetual change and I am in essence very open to all musical and other trends. In addition, as I have already told you, I work in a multicultural place where I am in charge of current music, the youth centre and urban cultures. In addition, I manage several projects in various fields such as music, dance, performance. This allows me to discover or re-discover diverse ethnic cultural environments. Thank you Angela for your interest!.

NAP: Thank you very much for your time. I really enjoy listening to your music especially the radio recording! Angela New Acid Planet




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