Filter Forge Customer Story - Angela H. Evans

When I am working on New Acid Planet images or videos ( including GIFs) or my designs I sell online ( I have three platforms) I often make use of Image Filters. Either those inside #AffinityPhoto or #AffinityDesigner I am often using my fave filter of all time - #FilterForge. Best thing since #digital #images !

Not only has this wonderful plugin so many different filters, but users are also highly encouraged to design their own and share them! I have tried, but sad to say they all come out like my signing - better left alone!

However, even by sing a ready made filter, you still have up to some 30,000 ( Yes! you read that correct!) Variants of each filter too! I am obsessed with it! Even in video work, I create a series of keyframes and pass then through #FilterForge to create FX not seen anywhere!

Have a look for yourself - and with a Special Corona Virus Heavy discount special you can buy your own copy!

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