Exclusive In-Depth interview with DJ Halley Seidel - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

A leader in the early development of Techno music high profile DJ Halley Seidel set the scene in suburbs across the Northern Regions of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

From an early age, DJ Halley has always been on the forefront of the electronic DJ / Producer arena. He has been involved in taking the music genre to the local masses through participation of many events in and around Rio de Janeiro and engaging youth with first hand experiences into the DJ scene.He soon built a strong reputation for himself through his techno style, still evident today. Delivering fresh bangers for an insatiable audience, whether they be streaming, playing or engaging with live music through the clubs and other venues. Beatport account

In 1996, DJ Halley became a founding member of the Brazilian Underground Movement (B.U.M.), a body comprised of DJs and Producers, taking social action within their communities, through their music. DJ Halley was initially published through B.U.M;with the release of the set 'Sujeira Sim, acido não!' on the B.U.M. Collection album.( source: DJ world Paper, a predecessor of Beatz).

In 2000, DJ Halley Seidel represented Praga Tecno, which initiated the widespread electronic music culture of Techno music in the northern regions of Rio de Janeiro.With this rapid spread of techno, DJ Halley became more immersed in the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene through participation of a variety of channels such as T.V. Broadcasts, events, books and of course, the nightclub scene in both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. He performed at many of the more well-known establishments,such as Bunker, Dama de Ferra, Suze in Tranze.While the Dance Club scene took off, so, too, did technology with a growth in the electronics and software industries. DJ equipment was moving from the early Rosie and Bozak decks to more portable but highly sophisticated equipment, such as the Pioneer CDJ100. This opened the possibility for more of the burgeoning interest from the youth of the day.During this rise of techno and other electronic genres, including Hip Hop, DJ Halley Seidel attended many events which heralded the rise of techno influences in the dance music scene. Such events as the Festival of All Tribes ( 1999), Rock in Rio (2000), Rave B.U.M. -Rio de Janeiro (2002) and many others.

Major events where DJ Halley Seidel attended between 1999-2010, included the Ipanema Stereo Beach with a massive audience of 300,000! where he performed with other high profile DJs such as David Angel, Lulu and Jim, Monkey, DJ Mau Mau. With this phase of intense activity in the Techno scene (2007-2008), DJ Halley was on a European tour, attending such prominent venues as Born on the Street, Fucking back to the Roots (Switzerland), attending Berlins' famous Tresor Club as a Special Birthday Guest (2008) and Club 12 Hundert on Frankfurt on oder.

Nowadays, you will find DJ Halley Seidel performing in the top venues in and around Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro and when available, other venues within Brazil, London,UK and Europe. He is an active member of B.U.M., and is also a part of the DJ residency on QuestRadioLondon, with his shows available on live stream between 4-6 pm GMT every Tuesday and between 3-5 am GMT every Wednesday.

Aside from his busy work schedule with venues and radio, DJ Halley Seidel continues to deliver music for the masses through physical, digital download and streaming media formats. He has a large online presence on most popular platforms such as SoundCloud and Beatport. A list is available at the end of this article, together with a comprehensive discography.

DJ Halley has been nominated for many awards, such as the Latin American Award for Best Producer of Music, Brazil, in which he was placed third with other top DJs. In 2008, the Underground KollektiV was formed from DJs and Producers from around the world , who 'met' via an online radio station which was abruptly taken off-air. The mission of the KollektiV is to deliver 'high quality radio shows and DJ sets',from top DJs and Producers.

One of the most notable qualities that DJ Halley Seidel brings with his music prowess, is his humanitarian side. DJ Halley has attended a number of events where the youth from areas not known to have everything that a good life can afford, are given the opportunity to meet DJs / Producers and see them 'in action' and to experience first hand in trying out the DJ equipment under supervision.This is the Social Side of B.U.M. - that offers experiential opportunities and growth in the Electronic Music Industry for those who would otherwise miss out.

New Acid Planet (NAP) was able to interview DJ Halley Seidel recently and with permission, includes the full Q and A session transcript here.

NAP:Q1) You started your career in Brazil.. what was the 'aha!' moment that inspired you?

DJHS:A:) Yes, I started my career in 1989, at the height of Acid House. But before I was a DJ, I had influences from Rock like ACDC, KISS and others ... But I think that breaks, Miami Bass and KraftWerk's robot music helped me to be who I am today. But I moved very early to the Underground side and suffered a lot because Brazil always had a very commercial identity in relation to the rest of the Planet, which was tuned in with the new styles and trends!

NAP:Q2) How does technology influence the Halley Seidel music?

DJHS:A:) I am resistant to the scene, as I have already gone through many market adoptions. And always trying to learn something new every day and passing on the information acquired to those who want to learn with common sense. I went through vinyl, cd, time code and pen drive and I'm always open to new technologies as long as they don't leave my DJ side out!

NAP:Q3) As a busy radio host as well as a producer - how do you relax with all that is going on?

DJHS:A:) I have had countless radio, dial and online programs, but I take it in the normal way but without losing it. I love what I do, radio has always been a cannon fire for the ears to my point of view. After all, you never know who's over there listening or who you talk to and touch. And they can be very important people for your work!

NAP:Q4) With so many influences and influencers in music, who has been the most influential for you ?

DJHS:A:) I am a fan of Carl Cox, I think he is a complete professional in addition to just being a DJ, among many functions he has. The second would be Anthony Rother I confess! (LOL)

NAP:Q5) Where do you see the Electronic dance scene in the future? Will it become more virtual to include more remote locations or will it mean more physical travel?

DJHS:A:) The world scene has gone through several stages, I choose a lot for the cultural side of the public which is difficult to deal with today. Of course, we have people who seek to be informed and read, because those who read dominate knowledge! (But this goes from each one) And I think people are reserving more for privates than mega events. But nothing better than feeling the energy of 300 thousand people when you become a boss at a festival! (lol)

NAP:Q6) Music, like many other professions, is getting more and more competitive. Do you have any tips for the younger producers starting out?

DJHS:A:) Do it for the love of music, money is a consequence!

NAP:Q7) What is your favourite meal....and is it available every place you travel to? .. hehe something different!

DJHS:A:) I am very fond of shrimp pancake, but I am a mega fan of bune kebab Berlin, in fact it is a turkey food, but it was created! My mouth watered just thinking, I even salivate!

NAP:Q8) Music IS a Universal Language- have you ever experienced a show where the audience did NOT like your style?How would you deal with it if they did not like your music ?

DJHS:A:) I already had experiences of this type at a festival that I went to play at Christmas, and to please a portion of 20% of the public and others not, not least because they were very modified with the sounds of other DJ's, but that did not beat me, I continued playing my productions with the same vibe as always!

NAP:Q9) BEST encouraging comment for all those around the world who do NOT have access to music or instruments as easily as we do?

DJHS:A:) Music must not be contained, canned, it must be heard performed and enjoyed with pleasure. And there is not a minute of silence in the world, everything is sonorous ... however you try something or situation generates sound! Then I ask, isn't that music? Use the imagination!

NAP:Q10) What can New Acid Planet do to help inspire and encourage all musicians ? Some 'Words of Wisdom'? You are an amazing guy! Truly! Will you possibly come to Australia?

DJHS:A:) I think that helping culturally and bringing good reading and music to your ears is a good start. I appreciate it. Maybe The Incredibles will put me in the next movie! lol While going to Australia, it would be a great experience, as it has several electronic music festivals. And for my artist with DJ and producer, it would be great to participate, who knows, it may open doors for me there after this article?!

NAP:Q11) Does having a sense of humor help you?

DJHS:A:) But of course, life is very bitter and full of ups and downs, and with each journey of our lives an experience is put into place. If we weren't in a good mood to carry them on, life wouldn't be fun! Life must be lived!

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