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Announcing the release of DJ Halley Seidels' MANIMAL EP!!!

Manimal EP - The new release by FutureScope Recordings, containing four additional versions - The original track had previously been released by it in an album edition by Halley Seidel, containing 12 songs. And at this peak moment in his career as a producer, he stars with this EP containing the additional remixes of Nuta Cookier, owner of the label (TECHNO RMX), Eric Marke (EXPERIMENTAL MINIMAL BREAKS) - writer of the book MEB - A História da Música Eletrônica Brasileira ENCYCLOPEDIA of electronic music, 4s0 - Global Funk Radio (UK) and one of the members of the B.U.M Brazilian Underground Movement with (ELECTRO RMX) and its new title version (ALTERNATIVE VERSION) containing vocals and samples from the classic 80s series. A musical story, updated for the dance floors of the Electronic Music World. Halley Seidel - Manimal EP release data 08/21/2020 01 - Halley Seidel - Manimal (Vocal Alternative Mix) 02 - Manimal - (Nuta Cookier RMX) 03 - Manimal - (4s0 RMX) 04 - 04 - Manimal ( Eric Marke RMX) More track's by Halley Seidel >> <<

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