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Interview with Alice Triskel a duo from Spain with Electro Pop vintage synths and modern strings….

New Acid Planet recently had the great pleasure of interviewing a bright bubbly music duo Alice Triskel. The partner duo of Alice as the singer lyricist and image front for the project and her partner Sergio the composer producer and media creator.

Together they fuse music of pop, EBM ( industrial dance), synth rock, synth pop and even adding opera to the mix! The result is a fusion of uplifting harmony in music song and soul. Alice has a voice that is crystal clear and strong making it ideal for the electronic song.

When you listen to the songs from Alice Triskel you will feel vibrant uplifted and with a positive feeling!

Please read through where I also add some review comments on no less than 9 of Alice Triskels’ songs! Then go and listen to them on the Official New Acid Planet Soundcloud Showcase account!

Thank you so much for taking time out to talk about this project Alice Triskel.

1. Alice Triskel delivers a diverse style of music and song -can you tell me how this project came about?

·This project arose between my partner and me at the beginning of 2019. We both lost our jobs and that led us to rethink a new direction in our lives, starting from scratch, why we didn't do what we really wanted to do?

2. You use electronic keyboards in your music are they vintage analogue keyboards or controllers or digital softsynths (plugins) ?

·Everything is done by computer in our home studio by Sergio. All the music is created and written in midi scores by Sergio. He's very perfectionist and doesn't stop until he gets that unique sound that defines us.

3. I read that you, Alice, sing opera. Is this where you first started your singing career? When did you realise that you wanted to be a singer? Was opera your first choice?

·The truth is that the "guilty" was my older sister, I really wanted to devote myself to sport and dance but as the course I wanted to do I could not until I was 16 years old, I signed up with her for singing when I was 14 and it was love at first sight. I discovered that I was innately to me at it and that it made me feel great. We chose opera because its vocal technique makes you get the most out of your voice without forcing it or damaging it too much, as well as being beautiful.

4. Alice, you have an exceptionally clear and distinct voice – what voice training have you had? Do you do any practicing while you write songs?

thank you for the compliment. I spent 7 years studying opera and above all at the beginning I did need more concrete exercises that would teach you to control the air, the diaphragm, the imposition of the palate, the resonance of sound not only in the skull but also in the whole body. The voice is a complex, abstract instrument that requires much imagination, connection with your own body and practice. With the passage of time my vocal exercises have varied and now I practice a lot to look for sound and leave different not to stagnate in a single style of voice.

5. Working on the Alice Triskel project with your partner – do you find that you work well on the songwriting ? Do you have a method of writing songs as a team or as separate artists?

We usually work separately so as not to encroach on each other's inspiration.

Although we always talk and give each other ideas, or correct things once everyone has done their part of the job to get a result that makes us both feel totally satisfied. Communication is vital.

6. I watched your Twitch show 27-09-20 on You Tube Why Twitch and not some other platform? Is it so you can offer something special for your regular fans?

·It is a very interactive platform that is now being opened to artists and it's a new place where show our music. This way I can talk directly to my audience, they can see and hear me live, they can see how I really am and not just an image. I put myself in the position of the fan and I don't just want to listen to their music, I want to meet the person behind it. Besides being able to show them surprises, unreleased songs, games, contests, etc..

7. Your online presence - Spotify, Face book Twitter, Twitch – delivers what I view as quality enjoyable music from a couple of hard-working independent musicians. Do you do your own marketing and promotion? How do you manage it all?

·Yes, we do everything ourselves and as you said it's a lot of work. Most of the time it is impossible for us to disconnect, sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night with some idea and we have to get up to write it or make an audio note to keep it. The networks are more my thing but the image is Sergio's thing. He has the taste and I have the ability to communicate with the audience. We make a good combination

8. You publish your own music – have you considered signing to a label ? Do you believe that by doing so it may change the way you create your music ?

· Of course we are open to sign with a label but not at any price and always trying to maintain our own style or improve it, in fact, we believe it is a mistake to be discovered because you have "that" something special and change it to become commercial. If it doesn't bring an improvement to the project we prefer to continue being independent. At least that's our opinion.

9. This year Alice Triskel is delivering all English songs. Would this be to introduce yourselves to a new audience? Are these songs new ? Have you re recorded any older songs and experienced problems with timing due to translation of language?

·No, I have always created my lyrics in English, I simply love it, I love the sound it has when singing and it also has the advantage of being able to reach an international audience. Although I am already doing adaptations to Spanish at the request of my listeners and an artist is always due to his audience. You can already listen to "Set you free" in Spanish on my Sunday live show on twitch

10. When do you get your inspiration for the songs and music? Do you have any method of idea creation?

·My method, I do not know if it is very orthodox but I simply listen to the song that Sergio has made and I observe that it makes me feel, that it inspires me and from there I improvise a melody to which later I add a lyric that expresses what that song transmits to me.

11. Your songs are all very upbeat and have an interesting mix of instruments genre and culture. Do you use outside services to produce or mix – or do you feel having complete control delivers your songs as you intended them to be?

Not at all, absolutely everything is created and controlled by us. We are the lords and masters of everything.

12. This is a question I am asking everyone now!

a. If a generous billionaire gifted you with USD$10Million to re record a song and accompanying video, which would you choose and how different would they be from the originals?

·wow!! the music would not change it but it would make some impressive video clips, I have millions of ideas in my head that I can not carry out for lack of resources (you know we are indie ), but would have a stunning picture, choreography and stories that reflect exactly what we wanted to say with every note and word of it in the style of Michael Jackson.

Alice and Sergio Thank you so much for your time!


Song Reviews

1. Dear Life A slow synth intro with a haunting melody. Cuts in with pulsating synths crashing into the track. Alice’s voice is powerful yet soft and just as hauntingly beautiful as the melody, blending in with the upbeat synths. An energetic song of positivity

2. Don’t Call Love to This A vintage intro building with resonate synths sweeping upwards and melding with the vocals of Alice. Wow. The power of Alice’s voice brings the story of the song to the front. The percussion break at 2:56 – 3:28 adds a power punch that enhances the vocals that follow.

3. Journey Skimming synths rising for a build up . This song really demonstrates Alice’s powerful vocals . The clarity, tone and pitch just so perfect. The vocals work in and melt into the synths – heightened with the rhythm of the percussion. Close your eyes and you, too, are on a journey. It’s hard to not give credit to Sergio the other half of Alice Triskel, for packing punch and power through his percussion patterns and fills … and those synths!

4. Search the Good in Bad Dreamy and melodic sweeps is how I am describing this song. It takes you on a journey to find the truth. The positive view is always the best view.

5. The Game Wow! A big intro for this - something for the dancefloor. Alice’s voice just suits EDM/ EBM. Crystal clear soft yet powerful and hauntingly attractive to the ear.

6. Army A rise-up song that flows from the start with a small rise into the opening vocals . Powerful lyrics and a strong voice -without the anger in the timbre; this is more of a move towards positivity that says ‘it can be done’ attitude. The inclusion of the strings heightens the emotive hook that this song delivers, with a coda that winds down to add a more immersive listen.

7. Contact Slow, deep synths and matching slow beats fir the intro adding a touch of soul to the mix, as if marching forward into the future. An almost desolate presence -with drones sweeping the song along. The mystery of the melody touched with the pitch and tone of Alice’s vocals creates such an unreal presence. It makes you feel as if you are on Mars with someone you just met. Nothing and no one else is there.

8. My Thirsty Mind The intro was a surprise compared to the rest of the song. An abrupt protest -style song asking if the other person has the same views and feelings of an equal mind. An interesting question to ask. It builds up slowly to a rather power anthem

9. Paradise outside The intro takes you on a sunny journey along the beachside road lined with palm trees. Of course, you are in an open car a classic of course! A warm summer night and Alice really takes you there with her memorable voice ; clear, haunting, powerful yet soft it is one of a kind.


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