Brilliant EP by DJ Halley Seidel feat Little Boy & remix by DJ Human Robot and DJ Bonecko / Whooping

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Track 01 - Halley Seidel feat. Little boy

This is an instant like – for its’ metallic percussive beat – which introduces the track – but not quite the beat until we are in at around 6 seconds..

Then it hits. Hard.

And there is nothing like a hard techno vibe to get you and your senses reeling and your body dancing!

This is a fresh sound style for DJ Halley Seidel and it is exciting and definitely at the top of the Banger list! Perfect for a live venue dance club when they open but also perfect for home, so you can practice your moves in readiness!

This track is vibrant, hypnotic hard techno and it will have your head nodding, your hips swinging and your feet pounding that floor as you will also find yourself surreptitiously at least mouthing out if not actually saying the song title – ‘Fucker Bitch’.

A tightly packed Hard Techno brilliant track from DJ Halley Seidel!

Track 02 – Human Robot mix

With a jungle feel , but don’t let the opening beats fool you. 15 secs in and you know you’re up for another techno earfest. This time, as a remix from Human Robot

DJ Human Robot on You Tube:

This remix has a more Industrial sound; it is darker, that should satidfy the ears of the more purist listener.

Track 03 – Bonecko Whooping mix

A different remix again! This one is sharper, more EDM more upbeat than dark and has a real nightclub feel to it.

Track 04 – Halley Seidel Dub mix

For those who wish to dance later in the night without the freaky vocals!

( not that there is anything wrong with them)…Dance without the demon this time!

Still energetic with its pulsating percussion and the quirky SFX – but more of an EDM sound to get you on the dance floor! Brilliant!

If you were previously not a fan of techno music , let alone a fan of Halley Seidel – I believe this EP may just make you a fan. So, what are you waiting for?

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