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The Original Acid Planet was owned and operated by SONY Creative Software out of Madison, Wisconsin USA. They offered a wonderful community of music and video creatives to meet, learn, play, compete and collaborate and so much more. It was also the home of ACID PRO (TM) the Original software that offered the ability for musicians to record and compose music predominantly for LOOPS - short audio clips of music. The special difference was that 'Acidized' loops were repeatable, you could loop them change pitch and so much more. SONY went on to sell off Acid, Vegas, & Sound Forge to MAGIX of Germany, who decided to CLOSE DOWN the Acid Planet website & Forum.

I was approached to recreate this 'original' Acid Planet under a slightly different name due to copyrights and licensing. I even discussed this with a couple of the original SONY Creative Software staff members. So, New Acid Planet was born; however, it was built for original members who failed to offer any assistance save for two who 'flew in and out' leaving me alone to run the show in a format likened by others, but which I felt was out-dated and did not cater to the needs of modern electronic musicians; DJs & Producers.

I made the decision to close down and delete that version of New Acid Planet and start again from scratch, which is currently Twitter / SoundCloud / Gmail / and will soon be joined by 2 more platforms, BUT offering alternate media and interaction. This website is also under way under the domain name of www.newacidplanet.com and Podcasts have already commenced and available on the New Acid Planets' professional SoundCloud account.

Other products and services will be later added once those in place are running smoothly. It is hoped that $ can be generated for New Acid Planet in order to SPONSOR Followers / Patrons, for live gigs travel etc. (TBA).... Income is purely for the running costs and for the sole benefit of New Acid Planet Community. My way of 'giving back' to the community.

Thank you Angela H Evans

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