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Molding Music with a Twist - Creatures of Clay

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Creatures of Clay

It matters not where you are from; it is what you do and the crafted music at the end..that is important to the listeners and fans... Creatures of Clay are a surprisingly quiet and not in-your-face band... but listen to the music and your heart will melt...the lyrics all carry stories that each of us can relate to.. The vocals of Codie Westwood have such soul in them you can almost feel it touching yours through the music.

When I listen to music for reviews, I have, through years of studio experience, listened twice. First time through high quality studio phones for the full mix and master job. Then again on cheap little speakers listening for the quality of the recording and processing. Cheap speakers can bring out the worst in poor recordings. But you wont find any here.. just joy to the ears... although I admit I do tend to concentrate more on lyrics and the story they tell.

On the Creatures of Clay website you can audition all 9 music tracks and purchase individually or the whole album...

Lay it Down - Having a Good Time...and you will too listening to this uplifting song..laid back but bright

Left or Right - Builds up the music and gets you wanting to hear more...

Springtime of Opportunity - Raunchy exciting and Codies' voice now starts to sound like he could easily be part of a larger, more famous band. I have one in mind; I will tell you more further along...

GIRL GIRL GIRL is building up the vocals and the music! Gritty grungy and definitely ROCKY! That band name is coming closer to me. If you love Aussie Rock you may know the band...

Let's Ride... get on your motorbike.. have a ride for me.. I used to be a Cafe Racer...

CHEVY - Twist! This one is a Country song with heart and love in the lyrics and that guitar...

Buried with my Friend... This takes me to Down From the Mountain style of music.. with that banjo and the singing style.. moving onto raunchy guitars and THAT SOLO! Love it!

traditional country blues with rock...

GETTING THAT 'TWIST' in the music yet?

All Alone - Now this song will have you singing along too! A happy upbeat song that brings out the vocal sounds...of Codie Westwood...

My Minds' Racing Again - Rock Country Blues... another well written song to sing along with..

Overall Codie Westwood brings songs to life with his strong and sometimes soft, sometimes raunchy and gritty voice. The lyrics well written and telling us stories about life and the emotions we all go through... but they are happy.. even the one Buried with my Friend.. it seems a gesture of Thank You to someone who was with you in your life.

The guitars and percussion all well played and recorded. For me, it is the lyrics and sound of the vocals.. original,. fresh and great to listen to. Well worth a Listen.Like.LOVE.BUY!

Oh and that Aussie Band? AC/DC of course !

Creatures of Clay kindly allowed New Acid Planet to Stream 2 full songs on our SoundCloud Account - so please go listen.. then mosey off to the official Creatures of Clay Website, audition their other songs and ..Listen.Like.LOVE.BUY!

I asked Codie some questions about his music and band...

1. Where did the band name come from? It is quite unusual!

God calls us Creatures and he breathed life into us and made us from clay. It comes from the bible.

2. Any connection to Stephen Sennits’ book of the same title.

Looking at his book No.

3. When did the band start and who is in the band?> Has it changed in line up ?

4. Were you guys in any other bands before and if so, were you playing the same genre?

I put the band Together in Oct.2019 Creatures Of Clay is just two guys myself and John Grant. John plays in many bands and is the engineer for me. He plays all the leads and helps produce.

I also play all instruments like John and I write all the songs and play on the recordings also. I have been in many bands through the years. I have a lot of recording experience. I use line 6 for playing out and sometimes recording.

5. Why Music? Have you always been passionate about music ?

I have played Music since I was 13.

6. Genres- You pay Rock Blues and Country… any other genres you like to add into your music? Certainly makes it ‘Music with a Twist’!

I like rock so who knows what I will come up with. I listen to so many genres.

7. Have you had any formal music training or are you self-taught? What was the hardest to learn? What was the easiest?

Some lessons: bass, piano, singing. I work on some form of music everyday. I like to create songs.

8. Do you do your own recording / mixing/mastering? All your productions?

There is only one owner of my music that is me. I am taking a new and bold approach with social media and hitting the streets.

9. What is or are your fave Guitar/s & Pedals?

I use so many guitars. I like the fender sound mainly. I like Gibson but I think it is going to depend on the song.

10. How do you go about song writing. What comes first?

Or does that vary with each song?

I play the acoustic guitar first then I mess with a vocal melody.

11. Fave DAW of choice and why?

John and I use Pro tools and we have a selection of instruments we use for the recordings. We like to layer our songs.

12. When it is back on again, do you do live performances, and where?

I Will play out again someday I hope. Right now everyone's in a funk.

13. Where can people listen to your music and BUY it? Can listeners interact with you guys?

Creatures Of Clay is on sound cloud and youtube and fans can buy the music on our website at

14. Any new music on the horizon?

I have lots of music to record over 150 songs Just need to make it happen in the future.

Thank you so much for your time, Cody, all the Best for your Music and please readers, go to Creatures of Clay website.

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Go and listen to their Music and hear for yourself ..and...

Listen.Like.LOVE.BUY! Playlist

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